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Cycling Betting is a Great Type of Sports Betting

So what the Lance Armstrong will no longer ride in the Tour de France. You can still get excited about following professional cycling when you place a sports bet online in a cyclist. In many ways, cycling betting is the perfect form of sports betting. The season is long and in each major race, you have dozens of ways of placing a sports bet online. With the internet at your finger tips, even those who are not experts on cycling betting can make a wise sports bet online with a good shot at winning real cash.

The Major Races for Cycling Betting

By far, the most action in terms of cycling betting comes when people place a sports bet online on a cyclist in one of the three major Tours: The Tour de France, the Tour of Spain, and the Tour of Italy. These are major races with the best riders and teams in the world. Each race contains over twenty days of racing and riders compete for the overall title, the best sprinter award, the best climber award, and the daily stage victories. That means that ever race gives those interested in cycling betting dozens of opportunities to place a sports bet online and win some cash through sports betting. Even better, anyone can place a sports bet online on either an individual rider or a team. You can place multiple sports betting wagers and then just sit back and watch the excitement unfold.

Cycling Betting Basics

The simplest cycling betting wager is simply to bet on which rider you think will win a specific race. For one day races, the time of a rider doesn't matter. The winner is the first one to cross the finish line. However, in stage racing, each day a rider's time is adding to his total. So you can even have a cyclist win a stage race who had never won a single stage. Some riders specialize in climbing and compete for what is called the King of the Mountains crown. They may finish the overall stage race several hours behind the victor, but that's not important to them. What is important to these riders is how they do in the stages that take place in the mountains. Placing a sports bet online on a climber and then watching a mountain stage can give you a real feeling about the inner mechanism of a cycling race. It is easier to pick out the favorites in terms of climbing than it is the sprinters who emerge from the pack in the final seconds of a flat stage to see who can cross the finish line first. So however you want to do your cycling betting, there are ample opportunities to have fun with sports betting.