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Golf Betting Takes Off

One of the most popular sports for internet sports betting is that of golf. One of the reasons is that golf betting lends itself to a variety of different types of bets that have appeal to a diverse group of people interested in placing a sports bet. Some golf betting is dependent on an in depth-knowledge of the game of golf, the courses and the players. Yet since sports betting is not just for experts, there are numerous ways that those with little knowledge of the game can have fun while sports betting. As they say, in golf betting, for every expert sports bet, there is another sports bet that everyone has an equal chance of winning. How can golf betting please all different types of people? That's easy. Those who want to place a sports bet can choose to either predict a major tournament winner or they can place an equal chance preposition bet.

The Expert Golf Betting Sports Bet

For those who know and love the game of golf, golf betting offers straight sports betting on the major tournaments. While you can place a sports bet on virtually every PGA tournament, it is the four Majors that attract the most action. These are the Masters, the British and U.S. Open, and the PGA Championship. If you think you know golf, place a sports bet on who will win the next major and by how many strokes. Then sit back and watch knowing you have real money riding on the outcome of the tournament. The game becomes even more exciting when you have a stake in the outcome. Whether you like Nick Faldo or Tiger Woods, you are free to place as many golf betting wagers as you want.

Proposition Golf Betting

What about those who are not golf betting experts but still want to place a sports bet? Well, in golf betting there a variety of unpredictable bets that you can place a wager on. For example, some websites let you place a sports bet on how many birdies by all players will occur in a given tournament. You could also bet on the number of bogies. You could bet on how many players will hit par for the course or who will lead on a single day of the tournament. Tow in these types of sports bet wagers requires more luck than background. Yet that doesn't mean they are not fun. In fact, the majority of golf betting action is based on sports bet wagers on these type of bets. Even with a small sports bet, the game is transformed since you have a real chance of earning some money when you watch.